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For almost six decades, FAE Centro Universitário has stood out for its excellent undergraduate programs not only in Curitiba, but in the entire State of Paraná. Moreover, its graduate programs (certificate programs, specialization, professional degrees, and MBA) have been recognized for their long-standing commitment to quality and innovation.

FAE Centro Universitário’s innovative pedagogical approach, qualified faculty and close relationship with the corporate market have allowed the institution to consistently expand the scope and depth of its academic offerings. FAE Centro Universitário is dedicated to responding to the challenges and demands of the knowledge society, offering students opportunities for research and professional development so that qualified, competent and well-rounded professionals are formed. Currently, FAE offers 15 undergraduate majors, 8 Associate Degrees, several certificates in more than 25 areas of specialization and two MBAs.

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FAE is a Franciscan Institution, whose mission is to educate for the promotion of a fair, sustainable and happy society.


Be the reference in Higher Education for its comprehensive, innovative and humanistic formation.


I. Franciscan Humanism
II. Excellence in Comprehensive Education
III. Sustainable and Innovative Entrepreneurship

  • Tradition: A 56-year experience in education
  • Faculty profile: over 90% of its faculty hold masters and doctoral degrees; most are working professionals and are knowledgeable about the global market
  • Comprehensive infrastructure and privileged location
  • Humanistic approach to teaching
  • Among the top 20 institutions in Brazil
  • The only MBA offered in English in Curitiba
  • A Career Center that collects and maintains a database for job opportunities
  • Close connections with the local market
  • Partnerships with local companies
  • Support for research and academic publications
  • Implementation of computer-based entrance examinations
  • Full time Management Program - MEP
  • Promotion of intramural competitions
  • Fellowships to FAE former students for graduate studies

Note: For the 5th consecutive year, FAE has ranked as the best private institution in Curitiba (IGC4: General Course Index 4 out of 5).

Services and Activity Centers

Academic Departments

Created in April 2000, FAE Career Center collects and maintains a database of job opportunities and helps university graduates to prepare themselves for the job market, offering counseling for career decision-making, professional development and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The services offered include:

  • Job opportunities through a constantly-updated database of potential employers
  • Coaching for students and graduates
  • Mini lectures about varied topics of professional interest
  • Business feasibility studies
  • Consulting during the first year of a new business
  • Entrepreneurial games that help identify entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Assessment of students’ professional profile

Monday through Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.
For further questions, contact us at nucleodeempregabilidade@fae.edu or call us on +55 (41) 2105-4172 | 2105-4868

Get in contact with the University Extension by calling +55 (41) 2105-4076 or by e-mail: extensao@fae.edu
Get in contact with the Academic Research Center by calling +55 (41) 2105-4093 or by e-mail: pesquisa@fae.edu

Academic Departments

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